Nov 26 2019

Household energy bills: Breakdown

Energy bills vary depending on the retailer and energy plan chosen. Bills also reflect how electricity is supplied: Generators, distributors and retailers are all involved in delivering power.

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Winter energy bills: Avoid a shock

This factsheet aims to help consumers use less energy and save money on their winter bills. It highlights the changes consumers can make at home, and also details the average costs for electricity and gas, based on location and season.

Apr 29 2021

Help to stay on top of your energy bill: COVID-19 support

Need some extra help to stay on top of your bills? Retailers offer a range of customer support measures. Learn how your energy retailer can help if you've been impacted by COVID-19.

Mar 29 2021

Heatwaves and electricity supply

Summer heat means higher electricity demand periods. The Australian Energy Council and Energy Networks Australia highlight how the power system manages additional risks on higher demand days.

Dec 10 2020
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