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Best Practice for Energy Retailer Assistance

The Australian Energy Council, energy companies and a broad range of consumer advocates have undertaken a unique collaboration to develop Best Practice for Energy Retailer Assistance.

The resources are designed to support retailers in their efforts to enhance the support they provide customers who are having trouble paying their energy bills.

They are intended to provide guidance for retailers on approaches that can improve the outcomes for customers experiencing difficulty, and are based on the practical experiences of the consumer sector and energy retailers.


Statement of objectives & principles
Statement of objectives & principles

Provides a range of agreed principles to guide retailers in the developing assistance frameworks. Designed with positive customer outcomes in mind, genuine engagement, debt mitigation, and maintaining connection wherever possible. Download PDF.

Principles in practice resource
Principles in practice resource

Practical steps and examples for retailers to implement the principles. Examples illustrate the broad challenges facing energy consumers, and measures retailers might take to support them. This resource aims to assist retailers in better designing their own processes, based on expert guidance from consumer advocates. Download PDF.

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