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It's easy to switch: Victorian Energy Compare

It's easy to switch: Victorian Energy Compare

Switching to a new energy offer is easy and it can save you money. If you live in Victoria, visit Victorian Energy Compare a free, independent site that makes comparing your bill fast.

BY Australian Energy Council Nov 24 2021
Independent report highlights intervention concerns

Independent report highlights intervention concerns

Competition in the National Electricity Market (NEM) has increased, but there are concerns government interventions may destabilise the investment outlook, according to the latest independent review.

BY AEC Dec 14 2020
Energy bill support welcomed

Energy bill support welcomed

The Australian Energy Council welcomes the Victorian Government's power bill support for households facing immediate hardship.

BY AEC Nov 17 2020
Market intervention retrograde

Market intervention retrograde

The Victorian Government's direction to the market operator to develop a large-scale battery in Geelong without independent regulatory scrutiny of costs and benefits or clarity of how it will participate in the energy market, is a bad idea, according to the Australian Energy Council.

BY AEC Nov 05 2020
Energy industry help for customers in lockdown

Energy industry help for customers in lockdown

With households and businesses continuing to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in Victoria, the Australian Energy Council wants the community to know help is available.

BY AEC Jul 08 2020

Support measures to help households in Victoria

The Victorian Government's support for households who may be struggling with their power bills is a welcome initiative and energy retailers stand ready to assist those having difficulties.

BY AEC May 13 2020

Assistance available for energy customers

Following the release of the Statement of Expectations from the market regulator the Australian Energy Council (AEC) reconfirmed its members' commitment to assist customers experiencing financial distress.

BY AEC Mar 27 2020

Victoria’s go-it-alone approach retrograde move for end users

Victoria's decision to step outside the National Electricity Market rules and go-it-alone on transmission developments is a retrograde step, the costs of which will be borne by the State's energy users, according to the Australian Energy Council.

BY AEC Mar 18 2020

Victoria's gas decision a sensible step forward

The Australian Energy Council has supported the Victorian Government's decision to remove the ban on onshore gas exploration and production.

BY AEC Mar 17 2020

Ignoring the rules risks poor energy outcomes for Victorians

Energy market participants are alarmed by reports that the Victorian Government intends to go-it-alone on transmission developments, despite the real risk of increased costs for end users as a result of poor investment decisions.

BY AEC Feb 18 2020

Victorian electricity market review highlights progress

The Australian Energy Council has welcomed the release of a new assessment of Victoria's electricity retail market that acknowledges the improvements undertaken by retailers.

BY AEC Nov 29 2019

VDO decision highlights benefit of competitive electricity deals

The Victorian Default Offer (VDO) set by the Essential Services Commission and commencing on 1 January 2020 is a reasonable reflection of actual cost pressures on electricity retailers.

BY AEC Nov 25 2019

Competitive Electricity Deals Remain Best

Energy retailers said final prices for the Victorian Default Offer announced by the government today are closer to actual retailer costs than those proposed in the earlier draft, but noted that the vast majority of customers still remained better off on competitive market deals.

BY AEC May 30 2019

Regulated Price Comes at Cost of Competition

The proposed regulated energy price submitted to the Victorian Government will come at the cost of competition and cheaper deals for households, the energy industry has warned.

BY AEC Mar 08 2019

Victorian Labor stops competition, rips off energy consumers

Heavy-handed rules aimed at protecting Victorian consumers instead scapegoat energy retailers and do not address consumer concerns about rising energy bills, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Nov 20 2018

Race to Re-Regulate Plagued with Problems

A race between Canberra and Spring Street to re-regulate energy prices will be to customers' detriment and undermine retail competition and investment in generation, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Oct 26 2018

Energy industry urges households to seek out better deals

The energy industry has urged Victorian households to seek out better electricity deals by comparing market offers via independent websites like Victoria's Energy Compare.

BY AEC Jul 23 2018

Electricity retailers to work with Victorian Government to help consumers

Electricity retailers will work with the Victorian Government on the detail of the nine recommendations from the Thwaites Review it has accepted and welcomed the deferral of the proposals to introduce a basic service offer and abolish standing offers.

BY AEC Mar 11 2018

Competitive energy deals still the best value for consumers

Competitive energy deals continue to provide the best value to households, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Dec 21 2017
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