Apr 22 2020

New Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management resources

The last two ‘tools’ in the suite of Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management resources are now freely available from the Australian Energy Council (AEC).

The first tool designed specifically for Supervisors operating in the Australian generation industry is a series of posters outlining likely human factors that can lead to arc flash hazards and risks and likely ‘Supervisor as a Defence’ mitigation factors to help prevent those hazards and risks.

Each of the 10 posters is unique. They are designed to be printed and posted in workshops and meal rooms and used as a basis of self-reflection or to prompt Supervisor-led conversations amongst teams to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring from human factors. The posters also lead to other tools in the suite of Electrical Arc Flash Hazard Management Resources and should be used in conjunction with the AEC Electrical Arc Flash Hazards Management Guideline and Video (also available here on the AEC’s website).  

The second tool, aligned to the AEC Electrical Arc Flash Hazards Management Guideline and Video, is a PowerPoint presentation/slide show that can be used to support face-to-face trainers/educators when discussing and outlining the risk of human factors creating electrical arc flash hazards.

Please feel free to download these online tools for Supervisors who need/want to know more about potential human factors and how to apply ‘Supervisor as a Defence’ mitigation factors to help prevent arc flash hazards and risks.

Resources and tools:

> Download posters

> Download PowerPoint presentation

> View the AEC's Electrical Arc Flash Hazards Management Guideline and video

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