Mar 23 2022

Revenue Adequacy for Generators in the WEM

The Australian Energy Council commissioned Marsden Jacob Associates (Marsden Jacob) to undertake an assessment of the current and proposed revenue streams for generators in the  Wholesale Electricity Market (WEM) and whether they provide revenue adequacy to support the  industry as it transitions. Recommendations on measures to send the right investment signals are provided.

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Solar Report: First Quarter 2024

By the end of the first quarter this year solar PV installations had put been fitted to more than 3.7 million Australian rooftops with a capacity of 22.58GW, according to the Clean Energy Regulator. In addition to the latest installation statistics, we take a look at other developments with rooftop solar, as well as the impact utility-scale solar is having on price setting in the National Electricity Market.

Apr 18 2024

Bottlenecks affecting generation development in WA

An energy transition is underway in Western Australia, led by State Government commitments and proposed policies that will shift the electricity sector towards more intermittent and low emission capacity. This Oakley Greenwood report provides a qualitative assessment of the challenges and bottlenecks of investing in new generation in the WEM, and the consequences if new generation cannot connect to the grid in a timely manner.

Feb 16 2024

Solar Report: Fourth Quarter 2023

Our appetite for solar PV continues. At the end of last year Australia’s total installed solar rooftop capacity had reached more than 22GW. A total of 2785MW of new rooftop solar was installed by the end of 2023. In addition to the latest installation statistics, we take a look at other developments in the sector, including its levelised cost of energy and the average payback period for solar PV systems.

Feb 15 2024
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