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Apr 07 2022

Australia's Energy Future - Introductory Paper

Electrification will increase electricity demand and the implications for the generation mix and networks require consideration. Additionally, decarbonisation is driving coal plant closures. In light of this the AEC is developing a series of discussion papers examining the challenges and opportunities with decarbonisation.

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Bottlenecks affecting generation development in WA

An energy transition is underway in Western Australia, led by State Government commitments and proposed policies that will shift the electricity sector towards more intermittent and low emission capacity. This Oakley Greenwood report provides a qualitative assessment of the challenges and bottlenecks of investing in new generation in the WEM, and the consequences if new generation cannot connect to the grid in a timely manner.

Feb 16 2024

Form of the Reliability Standard

Since market start the NEM has used a single and simple outcome metric for its reliability standard: “Unserved Energy” (USE). Essentially, we target an average of no more than 10.5 minutes off supply per customer per year from rotational load-shedding. In response to a Reliability Panel Review, the Australian Energy Council has published a report by Endgame Economics that theoretically contemplates the appropriateness of the existing standard in the transitioning power system and concludes that the existing simple USE output form approach remains the best approach for the future power system, just as it is in the current power system.

Jul 13 2023

Just Transition - Navigating Australia’s energy transformation

The Australian Energy Council commissioned consulting and advisory firm, Strategen, to undertake a wide-ranging review of overseas and Australian experience in the energy transformation. It is instructive to learn from best practice transition examples, not only on how to mitigate the negative impacts, but also to maximise wider opportunities and this new report, Just Transition – Navigating Australia’s Energy Transformation, distils the most relevant insights.

Mar 10 2023
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