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Solar continues to set records

Solar continues to set records

At more than 14.7 gigawatts (GW) rooftop solar is now the second largest generator by capacity in Australia, according to the latest Australian Energy Council Solar Report.

BY AEC Aug 05 2021
Report shows solar continues to shine

Report shows solar continues to shine

Australia's love of solar continues to grow with the latest data showing people are going bigger when to comes to getting rooftop solar.

BY AEC May 06 2021
New data shows solar shines despite lockdowns

New data shows solar shines despite lockdowns

Rooftop solar installation grew by 18 per cent nationally over the last year, according to the Australian Energy Council's latest Solar Report, which showed record growth in solar PV capacity and installations during 2020.

BY AEC Feb 04 2021
Energy bill support welcomed

Energy bill support welcomed

The Australian Energy Council welcomes the Victorian Government's power bill support for households facing immediate hardship.

BY AEC Nov 17 2020
Market intervention retrograde

Market intervention retrograde

The Victorian Government's direction to the market operator to develop a large-scale battery in Geelong without independent regulatory scrutiny of costs and benefits or clarity of how it will participate in the energy market, is a bad idea, according to the Australian Energy Council.

BY AEC Nov 05 2020

DER roadmap welcomed

WA's Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Roadmap is a sensible plan to harness the benefits of new power delivery technologies for all energy users.

BY AEC Apr 06 2020

Renewables need national policy certainty, not state targets: industry

Victoria's renewable energy auctions and legislative target should be part of a national approach to effectively lower emissions generation, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Dec 21 2017

Consumer is king in new competitive energy market

The growth in Australian households installing solar PV, batteries and driving electric cars will require development of a new competitive energy market to make sure consumers maximise the value from these technologies, a new report has found.

BY AEC Dec 21 2017

RET delivering, energy crisis not over

Increased investment in renewables projects is welcome and confirms the energy industry is on track to deliver the Renewable Energy Target, but there is still much to do to avert the current supply crisis, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC May 03 2017

SA Blackout Report Outlines New Rules for Grid 2.0

The final report into South Australia's state-wide blackout provides an important outline for how a high intermittent renewables grid needs to operate in the 21st century, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Mar 28 2017

Pumped Storage Will Assist Energy Transition

An expansion of the Snowy Scheme's pumped hydro storage capacity would assist in managing the future reliability of the electricity system, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Mar 16 2017

Opinion piece: Another destructive decade in energy policy is not an option

Energy is a business. We urgently need to start treating it like one again.

Feb 08 2017

Credible National Energy and Climate Policy Remains Solution

The energy industry has welcomed the Federal Government's desire to develop a technology-neutral national energy policy.

BY AEC Feb 02 2017

Reports highlight challenge of Australian energy transformation

New analysis on South Australia's energy market has reinforced the challenges of managing a relatively isolated, high intermittent grid, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Nov 23 2016

Increased Victorian solar tariffs don't help energy transformation

Increased tariffs for rooftop solar in Victoria only transfer cost from one group of energy consumers to another and do little to genuinely drive the transformation of the energy sector, the energy industry said today.

BY Australian Energy Council Oct 26 2016

Queensland Renewable Energy Target Must Consider Market Impacts

The transformation of Australia's energy system to a low carbon future needs to be driven by businesses investing behind national market-based policy mechanisms to achieve required reliability at the lowest cost, the energy industry said today.

BY Australian Energy Council Oct 12 2016

Q&A on the South Australian energy "crisis"

The South Australian energy "crisis" is dominating public discussion about energy policy. To assist in explaining some of the complexities and addressing some of the misconceptions, the Australian Energy Council today released a short Q&A guide on energy issues in the South Australian market.

Jul 28 2016

Canary in the coalmine shows way on renewables

South Australia is discovering the harsh realities of being the world leader in integrating high levels of intermittent renewable energy.

Jul 25 2016
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