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Private climate bill deserves serious consideration

A private member's bill on climate change introduced by the Federal Member for Warringah, Zali Steggall MP, deserves careful and serious consideration, the Australian Energy Council said today.

BY AEC Nov 09 2020
Far-reaching climate change risks to Australia must be reduced and managed

Far-reaching climate change risks to Australia must be reduced and managed

The Australian Climate Roundtable (ACR) is a forum that brings together leading organisations from the business, farming, investment, union, social welfare and environmental sectors.

BY AEC Aug 28 2020
Australian Energy Council backs net zero emissions by 2050

Australian Energy Council backs net zero emissions by 2050

The Australian Energy Council has today endorsed an economy-wide net zero emissions by 2050 target for Australia.

BY AEC Jun 25 2020

Joint statement: Australian Climate Roundtable renews joint policy principles

As Australia and our international peers gather at the UN Climate Conference in Madrid, it is clear that the world is not yet on track to stay within the temperature limits set out in the Paris Agreement.

BY AEC Dec 05 2019

RET milestone an important step

The predicted achievement of the Renewable Energy Target in 2020 represents an important milestone in the ongoing transition to a lower emissions electricity grid, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Sep 04 2019

Australian Climate Roundtable Renews Its Commitment To Successful Action On Climate Change Action

The Australian Climate Roundtable has met to reaffirm its commitment to foster common ground on the vital issue of climate change and energy transition.

BY AEC May 30 2019

Paris Agreement Remains In Australia's Interest - Australian Climate Roundtable

The Australian Climate Roundtable today welcomed continued bipartisan commitment to the Paris Agreement.

BY AEC Jun 02 2017

Energy Reform Is Urgent To Avert Systemic Crises

Representatives of Australia'scommunities, households, business energy users and energy supplierstoday called on the Commonwealth Government, the States and all other stakeholders to support reform of Australia's energy systems and markets to ensure reliability and affordability as we decarbonise the energy system.

BY AEC Dec 13 2016

Australian Energy Council and Energy Networks Australia Communique

A national meeting of the chief executives of Australia's leading energy retailing, distribution, transmission, generation and other service businesses agreed that: Australia's energy system needs urgent, national reform to energy policy and regulation to deliver a reliable and affordable transformation.

BY AEC & ENA Dec 08 2016

Time to return to national energy and climate policy

18 July 2016 The transformation of Australia's energy system to a low carbon future needs to be driven by an integrated national policy process rather than state-based targets and intrusive regulation, the energy industry said today.

Sep 05 2016

Market-based policy for climate still the way to go

A major independent review of climate policy options has confirmed that national market-based policy mechanisms remain the most efficient way to reduce greenhouse emissions in the electricity sector, the energy industry said today.

BY Australian Energy Council Sep 01 2016

Labor's climate plan reveals real challenges ahead for decarbonising economy

Labor's climate change plan is a step in the right direction towards the decarbonisation of Australia's energy supply, revealing the significant investment and systemic challenges needed to deliver an efficient transformation, the energy industry said today.

Apr 27 2016

Clean Energy Fund welcomed but broader policies needed for energy

The reliable and affordable decarbonisation of Australia's energy system will need to be underpinned by a comprehensive and durable national policy framework that is broader than more funding for clean energy technologies, the energy industry said today.

Mar 23 2016
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