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Statement on Retailer Reliability Obligation for South Australia

The decision to invoke the Retailer Reliability Obligation for South Australia alone is likely to put upward pressure on electricity prices for the State, according to the Australian Energy Council.

BY AEC Jan 10 2020

Energy industry congratulates Dan van Holst Pellekaan

The Australian Energy Council has congratulated the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan, MP on his appointment as South Australian Minister for Energy.

BY AEC Jul 23 2018

Time to re-set to bipartisan energy policy in SA: Industry

The energy industry has called on the Marshall Government to lead a return to a bipartisan energy strategy for South Australia following the state election earlier this month.

BY AEC Apr 24 2018

National, market based approach key to SA energy future

The energy industry has welcomed the SA Liberal energy plan's commitment to a national, market based approach in its policy announcement today.

BY AEC Oct 10 2017

SA Blackout Report Outlines New Rules for Grid 2.0

The final report into South Australia's state-wide blackout provides an important outline for how a high intermittent renewables grid needs to operate in the 21st century, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Mar 28 2017

SA Plan Tackles The Symptoms, Not The Cause

The South Australian Government's radical intervention to try to ameliorate the critical state of local electricity supply only highlights the urgent need for an effective national energy strategy, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Mar 14 2017

Report Highlights Fragility of SA Grid

The Australian Energy Market Operator's report into load shedding in South Australia last week has again highlighted the fragility of the state's electricity grid, the energy industry said today.

BY AEC Feb 16 2017

Report reinforces need to learn from SA blackout

More detailed diagnosis of the recent South Australian blackout has reinforced the need to modify the way we manage electricity grids with high penetration of renewables, the energy industry said today.

BY Australian Energy Council Oct 19 2016

Interconnector may not be the right solution: industry

It is critical we complete a full and detailed analysis of last week's blackout in South Australia before committing to major and expensive infrastructure that may reduce, not increase, system security in South Australia, the energy industry said today.

BY Australian Energy Council Oct 03 2016

Energy Regulator confirms SA market working

A review of recent high electricity prices in South Australia by the energy regulator has confirmed that these were caused by the conditions of the market at the time, and not by the state's power station operators gaming the market.

BY Australian Energy Council Sep 16 2016

Local firm generation the key to South Australia’s energy challenge

The South Australian Government's decision to support additional local dispatchable electricity generation to help manage the state's supply challenge is a step in the right direction, the energy industry said today.

BY Australian Energy Council Sep 08 2016

Q&A on the South Australian energy "crisis"

The South Australian energy "crisis" is dominating public discussion about energy policy. To assist in explaining some of the complexities and addressing some of the misconceptions, the Australian Energy Council today released a short Q&A guide on energy issues in the South Australian market.

Jul 28 2016

Canary in the coalmine shows way on renewables

South Australia is discovering the harsh realities of being the world leader in integrating high levels of intermittent renewable energy.

Jul 25 2016

South Australia - The accidental experiment continues

South Australia leads the world in the integration of renewable energy into large electricity grids, bringing with it lower greenhouse emissions, increased risks and higher costs, the energy industry said today.

May 09 2016

New report confirms growing risk of integrating renewables

A new report released today has highlighted the growing challenge of providing a reliable and affordable electricity system in Australia as we continue to increase supply from renewable sources.

Feb 19 2016
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