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Mar 22 2016

Energy industry works to improve customer support

The Australian Energy Council said it welcomed the opportunity to work with the Victorian Government to deliver improvements that encourage early intervention and engagement with energy consumers experiencing financial difficulty.

Commenting on the Essential Services Commission of Victoria’s Supporting Customers, Avoiding Labels Final Report, the Australian Energy Council’s, chief executive, Matthew Warren, said, “the ESC’s work highlights the complexity and challenge of identifying and then providing timely assistance to consumers who genuinely need support in managing their energy bills.

“It also reinforces that to effectively support the most vulnerable consumers requires regulators, consumer groups, energy retailers and government all working together.

“The energy industry has an important role to play and it has been involved in extensive consultation throughout this review to deliver effective ways to support households in financial trouble.

“Energy retailers already work with financial counsellors and community groups to seek improvements to managing vulnerable consumers.

“If you think you are unable to pay your energy bill, please to talk to your retailer as early as possible to see what options are available.

“We look forward to working further with the ESC to ensure the long-term interests of consumers facing payment difficulty are met as we move towards implementation of the new framework in July next year,” Mr Warren said.


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The Council represents 22 major electricity and downstream natural gas businesses operating in competitive wholesale and retail energy markets. These businesses collectively generate the overwhelming majority of electricity in Australia and sell gas and electricity to over 10 million homes and businesses.

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