May 30 2019

Australian Climate Roundtable Renews Its Commitment To Successful Action On Climate Change Action

The Australian Climate Roundtable has met to reaffirm its commitment to foster common ground on the vital issue of climate change and energy transition. Members affirmed the Roundtable’s joint principles for climate policy. They also welcomed the National Farmers’ Federation to the group – adding the land sector to the breadth of industry, business, community, union and environment groups represented.

The Australian Climate Roundtable includes the Australian Aluminium Council, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Council of Social Service, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Energy Council, the Australian Industry Group, the Business Council of Australia, the Investor Group on Climate Change, the National Farmers’ Federation and WWF-Australia.

Our organisations remain concerned about the effects of climate change and agree on the continuing importance to Australia’s prosperity, environment and social cohesion of a fair, just, effective and efficient response to climate change. These are issues for public policy to address over the next three years and beyond. There is no way through this debate other than by finding common ground. We will work together to that end and provide input to governments in due course.

The Australian Climate Roundtable’s joint principles for climate policy are at



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